Core Ideas: The New Capabilities

To succeed in a networked world, companies must acquire three new capabilities - Sense, Respond and Learn - and upgrade two - Plan and Execute - that they have always relied on:

Plan Strategies and tactics, more critical than ever before, must integrate the roles of, and impact on, network partners.

Execute To get work done, companies must foster collaboration with partners. No company can succeed if its network is failing.

Sense Companies - and the network - must anticipate and identify emerging and fast moving opportunities and challenges quickly.

Learn Companies - and the network - must create new knowledge and share it with key partners. This capability is the energizing spark of Adaptive businesses.

To exploit these, Adaptive Businesses companies must address issues Ishan calls
Organizational Capabilities: How will people work together? What role will technology play? What skills must Executive Officers and mid-tier executives acquire? How must culture support the new focus?